Redesigning the packaging experience for an iconic paint brand.



Tikkurila is a Finnish icon in colour, with a 150-year history that has a strong position in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Russia, and China. Due to increased trade production and competition, Tikkurila saw the need to strengthen its position as an international leader in premium paint.


Our task was to make sure the new packaging design correlated with the brand essence: Painting a bigger picture. Inspiring people to transform their surroundings for a brighter future. Tikkurila needed to go from a diverse, functional-driven brand to a more contemporary, inspiring, and emotion-driven one. There was a need for a design solution with a strong identity and a flexible yet consistent design system. One that could easily be adapted to different categories and be a good fit for all markets.



The redesign of the packaging began with understanding Tikkurila’s entire portfolio of over 200 products within interior paint, outdoor paint and specialty paint, as well as gathering the necessary consumer behaviour insights from customer segmentation studies, market visits and a competitive market, industry and trend analysis.

One of the key take-outs from the insights phase was that we needed to, not only, create a new design for Tikkurila packages but there was also a strong need for a visual expression with its own distinct characteristics depending on who Tikkurila is communicating with. It was essential in order to stay relevant towards the different target groups with very different reasons to paint and sources of excitement.

We knew from the outset that simplicity would be a key property of the process, so we formed a design strategy based on supporting both insights and brand essence. The visual expression built on strong colours with individual patterns, contemporary typography and a consistent informative navigational system. The design system we created would also lay as a ground for the work we did for their professional and industrial products, with its own specific design cues.

The resulting design system drew inspiration from Scandinavian expressions. Expression was combined with a consistent grid where the information design remains the same, but the background varies depending on the sub-category; interior paint, outdoor paint and specialty paint. A full library of icons was also developed to lift each specific family, product and their benefits.