Svensk Fastighetsförmedling

A rebranding into the future of real estate.


For 85 years, Svensk Fastighetsförmedling has been positioned at the forefront of the real estate market. They were first with things like ’söndagsvisningar’ and female brokers. Adding to that, they were co-founders of Hemnet. You get the picture: This is an actor used to take the lead, think differently, and go their own way. When they came to us it was because it was time for their next step in to the future.

Already established as a credible, experienced and committed actor in Swedish real estate, Svensk Fastighetsförmedling wanted to fill the brand with associations such as ’innovative’ and ’modern’ in order to meet their clients growing request within service, inspiration and sustainability. The brand needed an updated positioning to encompass future offerings within sustainable living.

Top image by photographer Jonas Ingerstedt


Grow got the opportunity to bring Svensk Fastighetsförmedling’s new brand to life, verbally and visually. Starting with a customer-centric insight phase to define the new positioning, we developed the brand strategy and a guiding platform.

Influenced by the 1920s and 30s modernism and functionalism from the time when Svensk Fastighetsförmedling was founded, we created a timeless logotype with graphic clarity and contrasting blackness together with clear and bright colours. The expression, with its functionality, asymmetrical elasticity and richness in contrast, is just as relevant today as it was a 100 years ago.

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