Ramlösa functional water

Functional water arriving with style.


Ramlösa has provided the Swedes with natural mineral water for several hundred years. Now was the time to broaden the Ramlösa family by strengthening their health position with natural water, boosted with extracts from nature.

Time for functional water that should communicate the natural heritage and quality Ramlösa stands for while telling the story of a fresh newcomer in the game.

Grow was trusted with creating the visual identity and packaging design of the new product range.



The ambition was to create a clean and modern design, fit for a functional lifestyle. We combined minimalism with Ramlösa heritage to enhance the brand essentials but also to stick out from the loud and busy category language. The result was a design that feels straightforward, yet personal and tasteful. Contemporary, yet classically stylish. Solid pastel colors enhance the flavors and emphasize the typography. Clean, clear, and communicative. A design that speaks function simply. The result showed that the design hit right in the heart. Consumers were eager to try the latest arrival on the shelf. To quote the client – “We might not be the first to arrive at the party, but when we do – we arrive with style”.

If you’d like to know more about our work with Ramlösa functional water, please contact Isabelle Lidström Dahlborg.