Adding inclusiveness to a pioneer.


Founded in 2008, ”Linas Matkasse” is one of the pioneers in the food delivery segment. But, from being one of the first brands in the segment, and driving it, the market has changed and is today a highly competitive marketplace. To secure the number one brand position and continuous growth, Linas implemented a new business model, significant changes in service and offering along with a new brand position. From being the pioneer with a functional and educational approach with Lina as the figurehead, they were positioned as a brand ready to help families to eat healthy and live better. This new position demanded a visual identity that would exude knowledge, warmth, and inclusiveness.

Grow was assigned to modernize and develop the brand identity in the same strategic way: to reflect the changes and effectively communicate the new brand position as well as open up for brand expansion.


A review of the existing brand identity including the name was conducted by looking into brand requirements against the backdrop of the competitive marketplace and defined target audiences, identifying assets and elements to build on in the creative work.

Based on the review, we explored different creative routes, personalities, and tonalities that led to a realisation for a visual identity that could express the brand personality – uncomplicated, humble and inspiring. One of the challenges was to safeguard a prominent association to food although the name was reduced to ‘Linas’. The kitchen is the heart in many people’s homes, just as for Linas, which was an important to aspect when enhancing the visual language. The new visual identity defines an expression that embraces inspiration and premium quality with a distinct connection to food and the dinner table.

The logotype is proud yet inviting, with the food connection still being prominent. With certain letters accentuated such as a line under the letters ‘s’ and ‘o’, it draws inspiration from classic restaurants and restaurant signs.

The colours are based on a warm and modern colour palette with clear associations to taste.

The layout system is inspired by red and white checkered tablecloths, seen in many kitchens. This creates a strong link to what Linas does and is also used as a brand building element and core asset in the identity.

Together with the warm, tasteful colours, a dynamic imagery style and a bold and proud typography, this makes Linas come to life, and to build the brand personality as well as the new position in the market.

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