Gastrotek Zink

Revitalising a
restaurant classic


Only two years after the closedown of the popular restaurant Zink on Biblioteksgatan, the concept returns to life again – this time under the new name Gastrotek Zink.

Before the re-opening, Grow was commissioned to create a visual framework aiming to convey the founding concept of a laid-back and cosy neighborhood restaurant, with a genuine focus on the pleasure of eating well-composed food.


The grill remains at the center of the gastrotek. However, this time the menu is broader, including inspiration from the Basque Country, Tuscany, Provence as well as the coast of San Francisco. So, when creating logotype(s), typography, patterns and colours for the new-old restaurant, a great deal of emphasis was placed on forming a visual world that not only embodies the classic Zink values, but also the diversity of tastes, impressions and cultures that the different geographical locations represent.

With a large portion of warm personality added, including an extensive library of new brand assets, a dynamic and multi-faceted identity was created to be used on everything from tape rolls or wrapping papers, to neon signs and interior details. Along with the aromas of well-cooked food and openly visible ingredients in the interior, you are welcomed by a tasteful atmosphere you happily return to. Bon Appètit!

If you want to know more, contact Isabelle Dahlborg Lidström.