Explore Arlandastad

Putting an area of possibilities on the map.



For several years, since the strategically located land south of Arlanda was purchased, much work had been put into getting required permits in place to be able to develop the land to its full potential.

Now that the area has a detailed development plan,  Arlandastad group is entering a new phase where there is a need to go to the market with a clear and defined offer by positioning the area to attract stakeholders to establish their businesses.  The positioning should work as a cohesive umbrella for the whole area and encompass any future business clusters and conceptual platforms to be developed in the area.



Stakeholder interviews and research helped us to define several unique equities that could make our offering competitive. Beyond the perfect location, in the growth area between Stockholm and Uppsala and close to the airport, we found the flexibility and possibility for companies to shape their own future at a destination in strong development, as one clear advantage. The long-term perspective paired with Arlandstad group entrepreneurial spirit and can-do attitude was another. 

We defined the higher purpose as “In the closest growth area in Sweden, we offer you space to think big.” A naming process, based on insight and framing the brand platform, took place and the name Explore Arlandastad was born.

To put Explore Arlandastad on the map and give it a strong identity we created a communication concept and a visual identity. Based on the brand promise, the overarching idea was “Space to think big” which guided and inspired us.  

The logotype captures the many possibilities Explore Arlandastad offers both settlers and visitors. The symbol can evolve infinitely. It’s creative and different from other players in the same industry – as Explore Arlandastad itself. Eventually, we developed a concrete market plan to execute on the strategy and take the brand to the market. 

If you want to know more about Arlanda Stad,  please contact Elsa Victorin.