Holmen Iggesund

Collaborations to accelerate new sustainable packaging technologies.


To connect new technologies to the industrial partners needed to industrialize and scale by prototyping what is feasible when the right partners are collaborating. Yangi Dry Forming Technology is a new way of shaping cellulose material to replace up to 40% of rigid plastics used in packaging. The Holmen Iggesund Conic project demonstrates what is possible to achieve when combining the possibilities of new technologies with the resources of a progressive industrial partner. Together we can accelerate new technologies and new solutions to replace the existing non-renewable and linear systems.


The physical and conceptual connection to the forest is emphasized throughout the entire product with each component originating from the forest. The prototype is a completely wood-based formable premium packaging solution, with a refill function, that illustrates how packaging which are usually made from plastics can be made from sustainable materials. The design of the container mirrors the shape of the pod, creating a visual comparison of the materialistic qualities of each component. By leveraging the refractive quality of the outer packaging you can enhance the details on the container within.

The Conic concept is a prototype that accomplishes three things in one project.

One: Supporting the Holmen Iggesund strategy of co-learning and supporting the future of premium packaging.

Two: Demonstrating the possibilities of Yangi Dry Forming technology in the beauty and cosmetics category.

Three: Attracting pioneer partners and prototyping partners to accelerate the new Yangi technology and others in our network.


If you are a progressive actor in the packaging industry value chain in the following fields, and have an interest in working on this collaboration model please contact Liselotte Tingvall, Grow Future Lab liselotte.tingvall@grow.eu  



  • Future Cellulose Material Technologies
  • Future Barrier Technologies
  • Future printing and surface treatments
  • Rapid prototyping, 3d printing and tooling
  • Packaging Machines for formable cellulose
  • Leading converters within beauty, electronic, takeaway and fresh foods



To read more about the Holmen Iggesund Conic project,  visit Holmen Iggesunds website here.

For more information regarding Yangi Dry Forming Technology, visit Yangi’s website here.