GROW EMAIL MARKETING register description


A house, Östermalmsgatan 26A

SE- 114 26 Stockholm

+46 (0)8 506 217 00

Person in charge of register issues or contact person

Elsa Victorin, CMO

Register name


The purpose of processing personal data

GROW AB email marketing register is intended to work as a tools for GROW AB marketing to send out information about GROW news, events & other content. The register also consists of sales leads and sales contacts.

Content of the register

The register contains the following information: Firstname, lastname and email address. In cases where the person has reacted to marketing communications sent by GROW or provided their contact details through website that data does also contain information about the persons behaviour on that particular website.

Regular sources of data

Information that is stored in the GROW email marketing register is collected through GROW sales persons who updates their personal contacts into the register. Partially contacts are also giving their contact details by themselves by filling in contact forms on website.

Regular disclosures of data and the transfer of data outside the EU or the EEA

Data is not disclosed to any external parts either inside or outside the EU and the EEA.

The Principles of register protection

All personal data in GROW email  marketing register is stored in the company’s CRM system where the access is striclty restricted to persons working in GROW with sales and marketing as well as the company Management. The same data is also automatically synchronized with GROW marketing automation system. The access to marketing automation system is resticted to GROW AB marketing and a few technical support persons.

Right of access and realization of the right of access

The registered person has the right to check the personal information saved in the register. The request has to be made in writing to

Rectification and realization of the rectification

The registrar can correct, remove or add to existing information in the register. This can be done if the information is, for the intended purpose, out-dated, insufficient, unnecessary or false. The registered person has to contact the person in charge of register issues to correct the information. It has to be stated which register the request concerns.

Other rights related to the processing of personal data

The registered person is allowed to deny the registrar to process personal data. The request has to be made in writing to the registrar.

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