Press release: Paving the way for the Future of CRM

2019-12-06, Stockholm


Michael Jäderlind, entrepreneur and founder of the digital full-service agency Nansen (Making Waves, NoA) and the insight and data-driven marketing agency Odyssey, will take lead on a new CRM initiative at Grow, part of Digitalist Group.

The new transformation initiative, led by Michael Jäderlind, will be integrated into Grow’s brand transformation-capability, as brand experiences increasingly come to life through CRM platforms. By combining deep brand and innovation competencies with extensive customer program management knowledge Grow will be able to help customers succeed with their CRM cloud platform investments. The initiative will be spanning across all Digitalist Studios internationally with cross functional teams from Grow at its core.

Johan Almquist, Managing Director Sweden, Grow + Digitalist:
“We are really happy to get Michael onboard at Grow, having cooperated with him and his agencies in multiple high-profile projects over the past 10 years, we are now looking forward to take on the next challenge together. We intend to grow the CRM offering across the Digitalist studios in Stockholm, London, Vancouver, San Francisco, New York and Helsinki and expect the area to have a significant share of Digitalist Groups total business in the future.”

Very few of the current implementation partners to the major CRM cloud platforms such as Salesforce have the ability to work on a strategic level, combining brand strategy, innovation management and service design. With this CRM initiative Grow aim to support customers by clarifying the brand’s purpose, aligning their CX innovation programs in relation to their cloud platforms. In addition, developing a method framework for running in-house day-to-day operations in data-driven organizations with an ambition to support continuous improvement and acceleration.

 Michael Jäderlind:
” Grow is probably one of the most well positioned agencies in the Nordics to take on the challenges enterprise customers have when it comes to CRM. The combination of a solid understanding of brand strategy, innovation management, service design and tech, supported by Digitalist Group, makes them unique. After meeting the team, already up to speed with digital strategy and platform innovation, the choice to join was easy.


Our experts focusing on CRM and Business Transformation

Michael Jäderlind, Head of CRM at Grow
Michael has 25 years of experience as a digital strategist, program manager and from various management positions in the digital and marketing industry. Founder and CEO of the international digital agency Nansen (NoA Agency Making Waves) and the insight and digital marketing agency Odyssey. Board member in several tech-startups in Sweden and the US.

Andreas Markewärn, Digital strategist and Business Developer at Grow
Andreas has over 20 years of experience working as a consultant and senior advisor for a vast number of organizations in the Nordics and Internationally. Andreas is also a frequent keynote speaker with talks about CRM, Digital Transformation, The Future of Work and Marketing Automation/AI.

Linus Öhman, Strategic Designer and Change Management expert at Grow
Linus has been leading Digital Transformation initiatives from a design thinking perspective for over a decade. With hundreds of exercises and a unique approach to how we internalize the need for change Linus brings alignment and speed to the transformation.


For more information regarding the CRM offering:

Michael Jäderlind, Head of CRM
+46 70 849 21 19

Elsa Victorin, Business Director, Head of Marketing at Grow
+46 70 963 27 26



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Michael Jäderlind