Driven by purpose

We believe brands should be driven by a clear and inspiring purpose, uniting all initiatives from culture and communication to design and innovation. With a purpose, a brand can begin to live from the inside out – providing meaning that resonates with both employees and customers.

Creative catalysts

We are creative catalysts, working closely with our clients in teams with diverse backgrounds and competences. This approach challenges us to think beyond our boundaries, sparking new ideas and identifying relevant opportunities for growth. Together, we leverage our combined insight, skill and intuition in an iterative process to create the best solution possible.

From strategy to execution

We know that a brilliant strategy is nothing without a successful execution. That’s why we develop strategies with implementation in mind. Through innovation, design, communication and culture – we at Grow enable brands to deliver and activate.

Now with our parent company Digitalist, we can offer an even wider range of engaging digital executions, supporting our clients from ideas to life.

What we do

Market & trend analysis
Customer research
Customer segmentation
Ethnographic research
Insight programs

Brand purpose & platform
Brand creation & naming
Portfolio & architecture
Commercial growth strategy
Customer journeys

Values & behaviours
Culture strategy & activation
Brand & culture training
Employee engagement programs
Employee journeys

Opportunity framing
Innovation platforms
Concept development & prototyping
Service & experience innovation
Product & packaging innovation

Visual identity systems
UX/UI design
Service design
Product & packaging design
Retail & event design

Creative concepts
Communication strategy
Messaging guides
Content strategy
Omni-channel strategy

Grow + Digitalist

Together with our partners at Digitalist we are able to support our clients even further in customer experience innovation through leading edge capabilities in technology and CRM.