We are Grow

We help businesses embrace change and shape tomorrow though Future Proof Brands. With our specialist expertise in brand strategy, insight, communication, design and innovation, we are uniquely positioned to deliver a brand experience that generates demand and creates real value — today and tomorrow. Our mission is to grow holistic and sustainable value in the relationship between people and brands.

*Grow is now part of Digitalist Group. More information about our combined offer and expertise is on its way! In the meantime, check out digitalist.global.


The secret sauce

At Grow, we believe that brands should be driven by a clear purpose. By a deep knowledge of the customer. By strong innovation processes and capabilities. By an ability to embrace creativity to inspire change. By a strong and distinct experience, that holds true across the entire customer journey. By the ability to not only react to a changing world, but to embrace it. These are the building blocks of what we call Future Proof Brands — the key to securing a future proof business.

Creative catalysts

We see ourselves as creative catalysts. Our mission is to ignite the spark of change and work with our clients to grow new opportunities — together.  We are problem solvers just as much as we are problem identifiers. Challenging our clients to think new, to think big, to push it a little bit or a lot is in our blood. We work together, love workshops, and iterative processes. To us, that’s how we ensure the best result.

A people first approach

Everything we do starts with people. Understanding why people do what they do is how we start every process. We believe in going deep with insights, to ensure everything we create is deeply rooted in creating customer and business value. Our services are designed around providing our clients with the building blocks of Future Proof Brands, so we focus on securing a culture of change internally just as we much as we work with engaging end consumers. Because in the end, we know that people make brands.

Make progress

In our view, brands are the ultimate catalysts of change. We help organizations understand the value of brands and the role they play in customer’s lives — and their role in driving long-term business growth. We focus on the future possibilities, giving the direction needed to make real leaps, instead of relying on lean processes.

Market and consumer analysis
Brand strategy
Commercial growth strategy
Brand culture and development

Communicate value

Our belief is that everything communicates. We use insights to create strategies, design and communication concepts that deliver brand value to customers at every touchpoint, and every interaction.

Opportunity framing
Ideation workshops
Creative concept development
Directional ideas

Engage audiences

A strategy is only as good as its execution. We design the whole experience, from first principles rooted in brand strategy to products, packaging, services and multi-touchpoint communication that lives and breathes the brand.

Brand design
Digital and service design
Product and packaging design
Retail and event design

Create connections

We love insights. But we know that in order to make the most of them, they need to be acted upon. We put a lot of effort into helping brands unearth and dig deep into trends and consumer culture, and just as much into ensuring that they are put to use.

Ethnographic Research
Trend insight
Customer segmentation, profiling and journeys
Competitive and market analysis

Invent tomorrow

We see innovation as essential to building long-term brand value in a world that never stands still. With a prototyping mindset, we walk, talk and feel with clients and consumers to discover opportunities and craft ideas into future-proofed solutions.

Innovation strategy
Innovation platform
Digital, 2D & 3D Prototyping
Consumer Builds