The brand consequences following the horrible Stockholm attack

The horrific attack on April 7, 2017, will be remembered for a long time. In addition to the lives lost and people injured in the attack, at the heart of our capital, there were also major consequences for companies like Åhléns and Spendrups, who were caught in the middle of the attack. Grow CEO, Johan Almquist, discusses with SvD Näringsliv, the brand dimensions and crisis management for Spendrups and Åhléns, and how they both handled their crisis management very differently. Read the article here: 

Grow transitions Sonera to Telia in Finland!

Two clear, strong and prestigious national Finnish operator brands – Sonera and Tele Finland – now become one: Telia.

This makes the Finnish subsidiary a more integral part of the international TeliaSonera Company. The new brand will also be the largest in the market, from day one.

We at Grow are proud to have been the strategic partner throughout this transformation process. Telia, Thank you for your confidence!

The psychology of being creative?

Grow’s partnership with Arctic Paper continues, this time with a pan-European campaign for Munken Design Range, celebrating the interplay of paper, psychology and creativity. Inspired by psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach’s famous ink blot test, we have made our own patterns for the beholder to interpret. All presented through an integrated communications activity on print, in digital, mobile and social media.

The Light of Things

We are proud to announce that a Grow-initiated partnership between Helly Hansen and Light-Flex has won the ISPO Award in the Outdoor Segment, and the Safety & Security category at the Wearable Technology Innovation World Cup. Integrating Light-Flex panels in the garments makes the wearer visible even in the absence of an external light. In addition to being the project matchmaker and developing the Light-Flex brand, Grow has helped promote the joint venture through developing sales presentations, films and press materials.


BRA better best!

We are happy and proud to be part of the digital journey that has taken BRA all the way to the top. When IATA handed out their awards for most effective and usable digital solution, BRA received the Fast Travel Platinum Award, as the first regional airline ever.

As good as gold

Sweden’s most attractive employer for master of science engineers 2016. Congratulations on your number one ranking, ÅF. This is truly a well-deserved achievement. Let’s continue to grow together.

Eniro has chosen Grow as their transformation partner

Eniro has chosen Grow as their strategic and creative partner to support in the extensive transformation process ahead. Operating in the Nordic region, Eniro is a leading search company based on a focused business concept – to make it easier for buyers and sellers to meet.

“We have chosen Grow as our Nordic business strategy and creative partner due to their extensive experience in driving and implementing large transformation projects as well as their ability to work strategically and conceptually in a constantly changing digital market,” says Örjan Frid, CEO and member of the board at Eniro.

Working with the
future of mobility

It is now full speed ahead for our new partner, NEVS (previously National Electric Vehicle of Sweden) that has bought the main assets of Saab. For a major launch, Grow has helped NEVS develop a new brand identity, story and communications approach, embracing Saab’s strong spirit of innovation while focusing 100% on electric cars and new thinking around mobility solutions.

Malibu X Redfoo

Stefan Kendal Gordy, better known as Redfoo, is an American singer, dancer and rapper who has teamed up with Pernod Ricard-owned rum brand Malibu as their summer brand ambassador. The joint venture has among other things resulted in a cool, specially branded collection of clothes and gadgets, designed by Grow as part of our Brand Licensing offering.

EasyPark chooses Grow
to reach a larger audience

At Grow, we are happy to introduce our new client and partner, EasyPark. The tech start-up has chosen us as their strategic communications partner. EasyPark is known for their innovation in technology and services within digital parking ecosystem. Given Grow’s new mission to combine brand strategy, design and communications, and EasyPark’s vision to become more meaningful to people, our partnership seems like a perfect fit.

Koskenkorva returns
to its roots

Sometimes the best way to make progress is looking back. Grow was assigned to develop a new identity for the iconic and award-winning Finnish vodka Koskenkorva. Our design team has developed a new bottle and labels for the entire product range with clear inspiration from the origins in Koskenkorva, a small village in southwestern Finland.

Grow rolls out Sweden’s
largest taxi company

Since autumn 2015, Grow has been a part of the strategy process and developed the visual identity for the largest nationwide taxi organisation, Cabonline Group. Part of the process has involved a merger of their major brands, Taxi 020 and Taxi Sverige, to form the country’s largest taxi company. The new brand rolling the streets is named Sverigetaxi.

Sweden’s new domestic
airline has taken off

To merge 12 companies and 8 brands into one new domestic airline is an uplifting challenge. Malmö Aviation, Sverigeflyg and the Braathen brands have joined forces under the name BRA. The journey towards a common vision, brand name, design and communication has been a close collaborative process with Grow.