Adrian Hansen

Manager Communication Strategy

Adrian loves the contrast of wrenching on vintage motorcycles, experimental home-cooking and creating the next generation of brands. Raised on a digital diet, this positive and fashion-savvy strategist is a member of team Stories where he brings meaningful communication to life.

Andreas Rosenlew

Executive Brand Advisor & Managing Partner

When not skiing or at sea Andreas is one of the founders, chairman and managing partner of Grow. He has spent his entire career working in the intersection of international brand-driven business development and business-driven brand development. Between six and thirteen years of age he was the star of a series of TV commercials in Finland.

Anna Tengwall

Manager Brand Strategy

A rational, yet creative strategist with a strong FMCG background and expertise within laundry detergents and (yummy) ice cream. Convinced that adrenaline rushes and challenges make life worth living, when not calming down with writing, cooking or reading, Anna nurtures a passion for martial arts, skiing and adventures.

Annica Söder

UX Designer

Creative UX strategist with a background in e-commerce, user behaviour within retail and the travel industry. Member of team Experience. Loves to have fun and laugh. Enjoys outdoor training both with or without her dogs and horse.

Carl Adam Frisk

Director Communication Strategy, Head of Stories & Digital

A hybrid communications strategist and conceptualist with a solid backbone for all stuff digital. Leading the Stories team at Grow. A self-professed human behaviours junkie obsessed with organisational and productivity apps. Carl Adam also has a keen interest in jibbing on skis and lower-division soccer.

Christer Holmström


Designer with a focus on functional, long-lasting design. As a member of the Experiences team, Christer particularly enjoys brand language and packaging assignments. Off work, you will find him in the garden, in the kitchen or among arts and antiques.

Cino Grahn

Manager Brand Development

Positive and curious brand manager with a broad experience from both consulting and client companies. Driven by insights, passionate about making people glow and businesses grow. Loves design, Italy, Åre and her family.

Claes Kalborg

Associated Brand Licensing Advisor

Based in London, traveling the world, on top of trends – Claes has a nose for how brand owners can create new experiences through the most unexpected collaborations; from food, fashion and design to technology and music. Claes and Grow has collaborated on several licensing projects over several years.

David Holst

Visualizer & Office Manager

Visualizer with a sense of accuracy and quality in strategic design, and with a penchant for PowerPoint. Member of the Transformation team. A notorious hard core collector of vinyl records, sneakers and t-shirts.

Delara Saleh Ebrahimi

Manager Brand Strategy

A trained business strategist and creative Master of Engineering with a knack for problem solving and clarifying complex strategies. As a member of team Transformation, Delara is happy to share her interest in tech, branding, music and design.

Ehrling Braghfors


Thorough, structured, self-driven and committed senior graphic designer. Member of the Experiences team. Works preferably with “art-related” assignments. Loves finalizing final art. “The details are the design!” Art, whisky and running enthusiast.

Elsa Victorin

Director Brand Development, CMO & Partner

A committed business relations specialist with a holistic perspective on strategies for integrated communication. A strong believer in true partnership spirit and straightforward customer dialogue. Once a promising teenage actor, and ever since seeking new challenges.

Harry Elonen

Manager Brand Development

A brand consultant with experiences from the industry scene in Shoreditch and a passion for brand, innovation and strategic design. Retired DJ with a nag for selvedge jeans, books, vinyl records, books by Bret Easton Ellis, (paper) magazines and running.

Helena Helsing Mork

Concept Developer, Copywriter & Employee Performance Director

Strategic and visionary creator with a passion for concept development and storytelling. Member of the Transformation team. Likes speeches as well as small talk and singing. Running gives her energy. Loves dinners. Constantly looking forward to breakfast. Usually happy.

Herman Kipowski

Design Director

Holistic and strategic design thinker with a passion for sustainable ideas and solutions. Member of the Experiences team. Sports lover in general with an extra big heart for bicycling.

Johan Almquist

CEO, Executive Brand Advisor & Partner

Strategic Brand Advisor with a heart for brand driven business strategy and creative concept development. Entrepreneur with broad experience from both consultant and client businesses. Passion for crossfit, golf and skiing.

Jonas Carlberg

Concept Developer & Designer

Senior creator, action-oriented multi-channel communicator with a keen eye for design and visual storytelling. Strong ambition to make brands consistent at every level. Member of team Stories. Into skateboarding, music, cycle-rat and his family.

Josefine Adsten


Without Josefine, no salaries, no laughter, and no order of liquidity forecasts, inflows and outflows. Member of the administration team. Likes to dig into the company's finances as well as in her garden, when she’s not busy keeping track of her growing family.

Kathy Almén

Concept Developer & Copywriter

Helping brands tell their stories since the launch of the iPhone (2008). Since then, obsessed with digital communication and crafting a killer subject line. A refiner, strategist, fashion enthusiast, problem solver, pizza lover and Gemini all wrapped up in one.

Lars Andersson


It looked like Lasse would become a teacher, but his talent for ideas, layout and design made him pursue his career as an art director. Member of team Experiences. Lars is a keen photographer in his spare time – a good match for his picturesque house in Mora, Dalarna.

Lisa Karlberg

Office Manager

Meet Grow’s feelgood and keep-up-the-spirit specialist. Lisa combines her chatty, social talent with hands on proactivity around the office chores. From preparing meetings to arranging conferences and making smoothies.  Funny and always caring, according to her sister.

Magnus Helin

Graphic Designer

Final artist with one eye on the big picture and the other on the tiny details. Member of the Experiences team. Spends most time off work riding, wrenching or thinking about bicycles. Coffee connoisseur.

Mari Strömqvist


Producer with an eye for details without losing the bigger perspective. Brings structure to chaos. Loves planning and taking part in photo shoots. Member of the Stories team. Mari has a somewhat unhealthy passion for old vases.

Maria Olofsson


With a responsibility for finance, personnel and organizational issues Maria creates order out of chaos, structure in a creative business environment. She is a restless soul with both feet on the ground. A reflective book-lover who worships Småland and Patti Smith.

Niclas Engsäll

Executive Creative Director & Partner

Born in Jordan, grown up in Sydney, lived in Paris and New York, and with a background in the art, fashion, and editorial worlds, Niclas brings many influences to creativity. Steering Grow teams for different clients and projects. Niclas has painted all his life, still doing so whenever he can.

Oscar Svenäng

Director Brand Development

An avid runner and football player with strong skills in team leadership, marketing strategy and deep knowledge of the digital ecosystem. Oscar started his career in politics but realised his skills of unorthodox thinking could best be leveraged in advertising and brand building.

Peter Haffenberg

Brand Strategist & Head of New York Office

Meet a creatively driven, ‘sleeves rolled up and involved’ international marketing executive and brand strategist. Stationed in New York. Summer house in Stockholm. Peter is a father of 2, husband of 1 and avid outdoor sports enthusiast with a particular passion for sailing.

Sven Skaara

Creative Director/Designer & Head of Oslo Office

With curiosity and enthusiasm as business drivers, Sven has successfully built and run three Norwegian design agencies. Today, we can proudly say he is Grow’s spearhead in Oslo. And to his fruitful career he can now add yet another passion and title – winegrower!

Tobias Brandt

Director Brand Strategy & Head of Transformation

A modern Jazz connoisseur, appreciated lecturer and strategic marketing pro with over 15 years of experience from developing and commercially activating brands with a digital core. Tobias is responsible for developing our offerings within digital brand development. He is a member of team Transformation who believes all brand are social.

Tommy Spencer


Behind this Söderhipster beard is an ecommerce sales professional and digital collaborator, from Bristol, England. A natural talent in bridging gaps between suits, creatives and developers to deliver digital growth through on-brand communications. Off work, Tommy likes to cook, stroll around Stockholm and travel the world with a light packing.

Ulrika Hansson


Morning spirited service pro that keeps track of our time sheets, invoices and project accounting. Member of the administration team. Social colleague who after work shuns television, enjoys the silence of the woods and happily takes a swim when it’s raining.

Urban Björnström

Concept Developer & Copywriter

Creative brand builder and strategic copywriter with a heart for concept development and business storytelling. Member of the Transformation team. Retired punk drummer. Passion for books, music, white wine and running shoes.