Nordic mythology
in a bottle

When Grow started working with Valhalla liqueur it lacked basic brand awareness, distinct character and clear direction for marketing and communication. Referring to old Norse traditions, this mysterious, dark herb bomb in a dark bottle still held untapped potential. Not to mention, a bitter, rich taste that spurs both your imagination and taste buds.

Shared best
among friends

In Valhalla, the Great Hall ruled over by the god Odin, the bravest of warriors feast and share legends of valour. And in today’s modern bars the set-up is similar. Valhalla is perfect as a chilled shot, enjoyed most often among male friends, laughing the night away. To capture the idea of this cheerful get-together, we developed a concept called Brotherhood.

A violent brand experience

In the spirit of Nordic legends we told a fateful story of three brothers’ violent journey to Valhalla with the goal of being admitted in the eternal community. By defining and working with the characters, setting, narrative and symbols, we laid the foundation for a brand experience across all touch points; from film, web and PR to events and sales materials.

Valhalla bottle giftbox design

Bonus idea

We also created a gift box for the bottle.

“The black shrine”