New thinking,
better communication

Part of our holistic assignment with Posten and Bring was to be the leading communications partner to Bring for five years. Already before the launch in 2008 we had formulated the brand promise “Finding new ways”, directing the communication and indicating an ambition to develop and renew the postal and logistics market in the Nordic region.

Personality is power

To improve the business and make progress requires new and better ideas, which in turn requires experts at every step of the mail and logistics chain. And who, better than Bring’s employees, knows this work by heart? Benefitting from their knowledge, skills, passion and personal drive was a major reason why we made them a vital part of the communication.

A story of continuous improvements

By consistently telling and nurturing the story of Bring, their employees and step-by-step improvements, we have successfully helped establish a new postal- and logistics company. And by managing a long series of pan-Nordic campaigns we have contributed to creating an iconic brand with attitude, personality and clear recognition across the Nordic region.

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