Posten / Bring

Creating two great
looking brands

The holistic rebranding of Posten Norge builds on a tradition dating back to 1647. Yet, when we started our partnership in 2006 there was a growing need within Posten to develop and be perceived as a progressive, contemporary and vibrant postal and logistics solutions provider. In this context the idea of introducing Bring became an opportunity for Posten Norge to modernize the identity and expression of the entire group.

Design built on synergy

An important criteria for the identity process was to make the two brands cross-fertilize and bring out the best in each other. For Bring as a new and independent brand to benefit from Posten’s know-how and experience, and for Posten to surf on the progress and attention surrounding a new postal and logistics brand targeting the business market.

Brand development sketches for Bring
Logotype Posten Bring

The world needs
more colour

With inspiration from an iconic post horn we developed two mirrored twin symbols as the core and foundation of the identity of Posten’s and Bring’s offerings. Posten’s traditional red colour was a given, but the launch of Bring suddenly made Scandinavia feel much more green. Not least through the green vehicles in almost every street corner.

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