A Swedish brand
in motion

NEVS first product; an electric vehicle based on the 9-3 platform will be launched in 2017 under the name NEVS, followed by a wider range of cars and mobility solutions. This means that NEVS will not use the Saab brand, but move forward on their own. Which is also the reason why they chose Grow as partner in developing an entirely new brand identity.

Best for one.
Best for all

The long-term ambition is much greater than products and services. To shape a brighter, cleaner future, NEVS design mobility experiences that prove what’s best for one can be best for all. Aiming far beyond today’s automotive industry, seeking new and better solutions, which help people transport themselves in an environmentally sustainable manner.

A holistic
design approach

Their open attitude, to collaborate with partners, be co-creative and invite people to be part of a movement has been essential for the new brand identity. Our concept Transparent Design supports a completely holistic approach to sustainability where it is sewn in to the heart of the organisation. All the way from staff behaviour to customer experience.

Logotype NEVS
NEVS website design
Brand design for NEVS

“This brand is like a white piece of paper, it is all new in the market, and we are the artist to paint or draw on this white paper.”

 Mr. Kai Johan Jiang, NEVS