Eniro Visual Identity

Designing a new way forward

To reflect Eniro’s strategy and changed business model to become a digital marketing partner for small and medium-sized businesses, Grow was assigned to develop a new visual identity. Early on, we were convinced that their new image and approach must be visible and felt to implement the new direction. But how do you change the perception of an already well-known and existing business?

Eniro means “Opening” in Esperanto.

This was also the conceptual theme of our approach based on a deep and comprehensive visual audit. Giving access to, or opening the door to new findings, discoveries or experiences is what Eniro does for its customers and users. To truly be experienced as a digital first brand, in the minds of customers and users, the new design needed to support this by making it inspiring, flexible and adaptable.

Making local discoveries easy and fun

By embracing the yellow colour and combining new and existing values, the profile builds forward on a strong heritage. The open shaped logotype is at the heart of the brand and represents everything that is Eniro. Therefore, the idea of openness has driven the design of the new visual Eniro identity, all the way from the distinct word-mark to typography, imagery, icons and illustrations. In all, making it more joyful and easy to find and discover new things.

“Eniro is an iconic brand that was in need of taking a leap forward, both in terms of its offering and identity. It has been an inspiring and challenging journey. At Grow, we’re proud of the result and to have been part of the process.”

Herman Kipowski, Design Director at Grow